Candidates And Issues

Do you want to get involved? You can with the issues and candidates we cover here – bills in committee, and before the State House and Senate, local measures, votes coming up in the 3 Commissioner districts in Kitsap Co., initiatives in WA state and issues that affect our Legislative districs (23rd, 35th and 26th). 

Did we miss something? Let us know, or better yet, write up something and get it to us so we can get the word out to everyone!

"We're in this together" -- A message from KCRP-endorsed candidate Alisha Beeler

Hi Friends, I wanted to let you know, that during this difficult time if you find yourself needing something and cannot get out to get it, we have people on standby that can help you out. Together we can get through this. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Alisha Beeler campaign if you find yourself needing something, or even just need someone to talk to. We are here for our neighbors and are ready to help. God Bless, Alisha Beeler (360) 229-0098 (my cell) ================ Alisha Beeler is a running for WA State House of
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Kitsap County Republicans Endorse Challenger Alisha Beeler over Incumbent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kitsap County Republicans Endorse Challenger Alisha Beeler over Incumbent Port Orchard, Washington – March 9, 2020 – Kitsap County’s Republican Party has offered an early endorsement of Alisha Beeler’s campaign for the 26th Legislative District State Representative race following a censure by the county party of incumbent Michelle Caldier. Beeler, the current Republican State Committeewoman for Kitsap County, has mounted a campaign to challenge Caldier’s policy inconsistencies and failure to effectively engage the citizens of the district. The incumbent has voted for gun control measures, and against first amendment protections of religion, and speech, along with enshrining
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URGENT Request for Action!

Please call or e-mail House Education Committee members ASAP (list of members below); they will be voting on HB2184 (Comprehensive Sex Education) TODAY, Monday, February 3, 2020. From Breitbart: Washington Dems Push Mandatory LGBTQ Sex Ed for Kindergartners House Education Committee 2020: Santos, Sharon Tomiko (D) Chair      (360) 786-7944 Dolan, Laurie (D) Vice Chair      (360) 786-7940 Paul, Dave (D) Vice Chair       (360) 786-7914 Steele, Mike (R)  Ranking Minority Member      (360) 786-7832 McCaslin, Bob (R) Asst Ranking Minority Member  
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KCRP Adopts Resolution on Matt Shea

Resolution Admonishing the Actions of the House Republican Leadership Under Minority Leader JT Wilcox and Expressing Support for Representative Matthew Shea Adopted 01/06/2020 Whereas, Amendments V and XIV and of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 3 of the Washington State Constitution enshrine and guarantee the right and principle of Due Process of Law; Whereas, Article 1, Section 10 of the Washington State Constitution guarantees that, “Justice in all cases shall be administered openly, and without unnecessary delay;” Whereas, Representative Matthew Shea has been the subject and target of a highly biased and demonstrably inaccurate private investigation initiated
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Election Victories

Been there and rejected that –  Kitsap Republicans were clearly on the “right” side of history this November, standing firm for fundamental fairness and resisting a rogue legislature hell-bent on raising your taxes. The utter rejection of discrimination (R88), the approval of $30 car tabs, and the advisory repeal of 9 out of 12 new taxes created in secret, all point to a growing recognition that the Democratic party is out of control – and even they know it. Let’s keep fighting in 2020! Post courtesy of the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party website
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Ballot Recommendations

The Kitsap County Republican Party has done the research and found excellent candidates deserving of your vote. Your vote is vital to keeping our Republic. In the last election we had two candidates who lost after a recount by about 200 votes. Just being on the right side is not enough. The winner of an election is the one with the most votes actually turned in. Freedom wins when we all vote! Ballot Recommendations Here are our recommendations in order of appearance on the ballot: Referendum 88: REJECT Initiative 976: YES Advisory Votes, 20 through 31: REPEALED Senate Joint Resolution 8200: REJECTED Bremerton City
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Demand an Audit

Election season draws near.  How can we possibly choose between judicial candidates when we know absolutely nothing about them? That’s a serious question, not a rhetorical one. Self-aggrandizing write-ups in the Voter’s Guide tell us absolutely nothing about past job performance of the judicial candidates.  It’s the Naked Emperor in the room — a system whereby voters are expected to make informed choices with no transparency as to the candidates who seek our vote, and, in fact, that information is intentionally kept from us such that we cannot make an informed decision. This is the best we can offer?   
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Resolution on the Opposition to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and Support of the Repeal of RCW 29A.56.300 - Adopted September 9, 2019

Whereas the Platform of the Republican National Committee (RNC) includes a declaration of opposition to, and urges the repeal of, all state legislation that attempts to implement the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC); Whereas the framers of the Federal Constitution rigorously sought an effective compromise in the selection of the Chief Executive that preserved both republican principles of government AND the inherent Sovereignty of the States; Whereas the method of Presidential election as outlined in Article II, Section 1 and the 12th Amendment reflect the time-tested and resilient intent of the framers of the Constitution; Whereas any attempt to
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Reject Referendum 88

I-1000 was approved on April 28, 2019 by the Washington State Legislature, passing by votes along party lines with Democrats approving I-1000 and Republicans rejecting I-1000 as biased legislation that would foster preferential treatment to selected individuals. I-1000 was designed to change the definitions of affirmative action and preferential treatment.  It allows for change in the way affirmative action laws and policies are implemented.  It will allow discrimination, based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin as long as it is not the sole factor in the selection.  As long as one discriminating characteristic is not the sole reason
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