2021 Primary Election Recommendations

2021 Primary Election Recommendations

Dear Voter,

Off-year elections (e.g. odd numbered years) are often ignored by voters. These ballots are filled with mostly non-partisan positions, which makes it more difficult to know how to vote. These races, however, are important and the experience gained by candidates and elected officials filling these positions often leads to higher office. The people running for these positions need our serious consideration.

In order to aid the voters of Kitsap County, the Kitsap County Republican Party (KCRP) has spent many hours researching the candidates who will be appearing on our ballot this year. Endorsements and recommendations are the result of the work of a committee which researches and interviews candidates. We consult people who will be impacted by issues or have knowledge of the candidates appearing on the ballot. These recommendations are placed before the Executive Board of the KCRP, who make the final decision.

Below is the list of recommended candidates for the 2021 Primary Election. In this year’s election the majority of races are non-partisan, therefore KCRP has worked to find the candidate who is most closely aligned with our Platform. This does not mean that all of the candidates below are Republicans, but that the candidates below are–as far as we were able to confirm–the best option for those who hold to Republican ideals. A handful of candidates have already been endorsed or certified as a Republican by KCRP. Those are noted below.

• Bremerton City Council, District 1: Tony Stephens (endorsed Republican candidate)
• Bremerton City Council, District 3: Jon Johanson (endorsed Republican candidate)
• Bremerton City Council, District 5: Matthew Adams
• Bremerton City Council, District 6: Mike Simpson (endorsed Republican candidate)
• Bremerton City Council, District 7: Eric Younger
• Bremerton Municipal Court Judge: Tom Weaver
• Port Orchard City Council Position 2: Alex Ayala
• Port Orchard City Council Position 3: Heidi Fenton
• Port Orchard City Council At-Large: Shawn Williams
• Central Kitsap School District Director District 1: Paige Jarquin
• South Kitsap School District Director District 3: Dave Burk (certified as a Republican)
• South Kitsap School District Director District 4: Gregg Anderson
• Silverdale Water District No. 16 Position 1: Paul Weber
• Village Green Metropolitan Park District Position 5: Ron Luke

Note: Before a candidate is endorsed, they are first certified as Republican. They need not be a member of the Republican Party. According to our bylaws, a Republican is defined as an individual who has a demonstrable history of speech and behavior consistent with the republican core principle that unalienable individual rights are prior to and superior to all human legislation. The candidate has not exhibited speech or behaviors repugnant to the Kitsap County Republican Party Platform. The candidate understands and endorses the fact that the State of Washington is guaranteed a republican form of government.

Please feel free to share this list with others. And be sure to VOTE!

God bless America!

Juliana McMahan, Chair