Ballot Recommendations

Ballot Recommendations

The Kitsap County Republican Party has done the research and found excellent candidates deserving of your vote. Your vote is vital to keeping our Republic. In the last election we had two candidates who lost after a recount by about 200 votes. Just being on the right side is not enough. The winner of an election is the one with the most votes actually turned in.

Freedom wins when we all vote!

Ballot Recommendations

Here are our recommendations in order of appearance on the ballot:

Referendum 88: REJECT

Initiative 976: YES

Advisory Votes, 20 through 31: REPEALED

Senate Joint Resolution 8200: REJECTED

Bremerton City Council We endorse Mike Simpson

City of Bremerton Prop. No. 1: NO

North Kitsap School District: We endorse Pamela Madden-Boyer and April Ferguson, and recommend Kim Gerlach

South Kitsap School District: We endorse Keith Law, and endorse both Glenny Compton and John Berg in the District 2 race. We recommend Jeff Daily 

Kitsap Fire Protection District 18 Commissioner: We endorse Chris Quinn

Fire District 18 Prop. No. 1: NO

Kitsap Fire and Rescue Commissioner: We endorse Scott Hendon

North Kitsap Fire Prop. No. 1: NO

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Commissioner: We recommend DW Dusty Wiley

Port of Bremerton District One: We endorse Gary Anderson

Tony Stephens

Chair, Kitsap County Republican Party

Here’s Why


General Election 2019

The Kitsap County Republican Party endorses candidates for office who will pursue individual rights and equal protection of law. Additionally, there are those who have not sought our endorsement, but whom we think are the better candidate.

We also recognize important issues on the ballot. We found it quite disturbing the legislature in the last days of the latest session raised taxes by 27 billion dollars during a time the State treasury was, and is, in surplus. More infuriating yet, was the use of ghost bills to accomplish this deception. Ghost bills are a technique for circumventing the Washington State Constitution’s requirement to have bills written in advance, so that members can read the bills prior to voting. Ghost bills are given a title, but no text. Then at the last minute, text is added and the bill is voted upon. This prevents the public from having any chance to provide input and legislators from offering amendments, and is completely unnecessary for a popular bill. This onerous technique is only needed to do things the legislature knows the people do not approve. We recommend REPEAL on all advisory votes on tax increases made without a vote of the people through the use of these ghost bills.

Not surprisingly, the Kitsap County Republican Party encourages a REJECT on R-88, the attempt made by the legislature in the very last hours of the session to re-institute the racial quota system overturned by Washington Voters 21 years ago by a landslide vote.

We favor I-976, which brings vehicle tab fees back to reality.

In Joint Resolution 8200, the legislature asks for extraordinary powers to use in an emergency. It would be good for voters to remember that the 2/3rds vote requirement, overwhelmingly passed by the people five times, was overturned one year for an “emergency”. That so-called emergency was the construction of a sports stadium. They skirted the 2/3rds requirement by dreaming up an imaginary emergency. Let’s not give unidentified and vague emergency powers to legislators who get to determine the definition of an “emergency” so that they can make use of these extraordinary powers.

Endorsements and recommendations are the result of the work of a committee which interviews candidates and another which researches issues. We consult people who will be impacted by issues, or have knowledge of candidates. These recommendations are placed before the Executive Board of the KCRP, who make the final decision.

Before a candidate is endorsed, they are first certified as republican. They need not be a member of the Republican Party. The definition of republican, according to our bylaws, is a person who acknowledges that individuals have rights that are prior to, and superior to, all human legislation.

Tony Stephens

Chair, Kitsap County Republican Party