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This year Washington State had more revenue than ever, but Democrats still raised taxes! They raised the price of gas and disarmed our police.

Democrats have controlled Olympia for too long.

Restore Safety | Restore Affordability| Restore Accountability

Elect responsible Republicans!

Do you want to get involved? You can with the issues and candidates we cover here – bills in committee, and before the State House and Senate, local measures, votes coming up in the 3 Commissioner Districts in Kitsap County, initiatives in Washington state, and issues that affect our Legislative Districts (23rd, 26th, and 35th). 

Did we miss something? Let us know or, better yet, write up something and get it to us so we can get the word out to everyone!

Robert’s Rules of Order Training Available

Our very own John Berg generously gave his time to hold a three-session training seminar on Robert’s Rules of Order. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Robert’s Rules of Order which are used as the base for many different organizations–including the Kitsap County Republican Party.
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2022 Republican Candidates

We are excited to see all the great Republican candidates who have filed for office in 2022! You can view a list of Endorsed and Certified Republican Candidates here: Kitsap County Republican Party Candidates
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Filing for PCO

! Calling All Republicans in Kitsap County !   Dear Fellow Republicans, This week (May 16-20) is one of the most important weeks in the election cycle. It is the week when all candidates must file to run for office in this year’s primary and general elections. Find out who has filed already in Kitsap
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School District Levy Votes: Why Voting Every Time Matters

This past February, the Central Kitsap School District (CKSD) sponsored a special election to put in place a new levy to replace its rolling two-year temporary levy, which expires this year. This levy costs taxpayers around $20 million per year and is described by CKSD as funding student enrichment: primarily arts, athletics, and clubs (outside the school
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2021 Redistricting Resources

Update 12/2021 – The Final Redistricting Maps (as approved by the Washington Redistricting Commission) have been released. The final step in the process will be review and approval by the Washington State Legislature. You can view the maps which were approved by the Commission here: Update 11/2/2021 – Kitsap County Commissioner District maps are
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Why Every Vote Matters–Why You Should Vote

Over and over again I have heard voters ask why they should bother turning in their ballot. They think their vote doesn’t count. They don’t believe every vote matters. Below are some modern-day examples from our area of why your vote does matter. Why every vote counts. Why you should always turn in your ballot.
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COVID Vaccine Mandate in Kitsap County Resources

The information below is provided as a resource for those who wish to learn more about validity of vaccine mandates which are being proposed by the Kitsap Public Health Board and some of the arguments against them. Many of these points apply to other counties or states. The authors have done their best to only
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Potential Vote on Vaccine Mandates in Kitsap County Scheduled for 10/5/2021

Last Tuesday the Kitsap Public Health Board received a record number of comments on the proposed vaccine mandates in Kitsap County during a special meeting. They have now scheduled follow-up action for next Tuesday with a potential vote on vaccine mandates. We need to keep letting them know how we feel about this proposal! In
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Kitsap County Electronic Notification System Link

Get email or text updates for the Kitsap County topics you care about. Enter your contact information to sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences. Select inclement weather and emergency alerts, the road report, recycling and garbage news, and more. Sign-up for Emergency Alerts here: When you enter your email and verify it,
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HOMELESS | A Conservative Solutions Forum

Join us on Wednesday, April 28 at 6:00 p.m. for an online event hosted by the I-5 Corridor Coalition to discuss conservative solutions to homelessness. Panelists include: WA State Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, 19th LD John Nehring, Mayor of Marysville Frank Morrison, Director of Community House in Longview Arne Mortensen, Cowlitz County Commissioner REGISTER HERE
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Ballot Monitor Resources

If you are interested in being a ballot monitor in Kitsap County, below are some resources to help you. Many thanks to Vinton Linard, Chuck DeCosta, and the others who did extensive research in order to produce this guide. Guide for Monitoring the Balloting Operation Ballot Monitor Guide Ballot Counting Process Summary Last updated 11/6/2021
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URGENT Request for Action!

Please call or e-mail House Education Committee members ASAP (list of members below); they will be voting on HB2184 (Comprehensive Sex Education) TODAY, Monday, February 3, 2020. From Breitbart: Washington Dems Push Mandatory LGBTQ Sex Ed for Kindergartners House Education Committee 2020: Santos, Sharon Tomiko (D) Chair      (360) 786-7944 Dolan,
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