Central Committee Organizational Meeting Minutes 12/12/20

Central Committee Organizational Meeting Minutes 12/12/20

Central Committee Organizational Meeting Minutes
Hybrid In-Person and Zoom Meeting
December 12, 2020

Meeting Called To Order

The meeting was called to order by Temporary Meeting Chair Juliana McMahan (PCO 265) at 9:46 a.m.
The invocation was given and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The National Anthem was played.

Special speakers included outgoing KCRP Chair Tony Stephens and Representative Jesse Young (who announced his candidacy for Senator for the 26th Legislative District).

Credentials Committee Report

Report of Credentials Committee by Chair Rand Hein. 82 PCOs are present. The report was adopted as presented. (The Credentials Committee report was amended after the lunch break to add 2 PCOs.)

Permanent Chair of The Meeting

Nominations for Permanent Meeting Chair were opened. John Berg and Tony Stephens were nominated. Tony Stephens was elected.

Permanent Secretary of The Meeting

Nominations for Permanent Meeting Secretary were opened. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Alice Tawresey was nominated. Alice Tawresey was elected.

Rules Committee Report

Report of Rules Committee by Chair April Ferguson. The Proposed Rules were presented and adopted.

Bylaws Committee Report

The Bylaws were presented by the Bylaws Committee Chair Sandra LaCelle.

April Ferguson, PCO 460, moved to amend the proposed Bylaws to delete the following sentence from Article 7, Section 1, paragraph c; Article 7, Section 1; and Article 8, Section 2c:

Robert Parker, PCO 232, moved to amend the motion to strike the words or candidate for from the amendment. The amendment is approved.

Mason Russell, PCO 322, moved to remove the remaining words from all of the sections above. Amendment to the amendment is approved, thus the Bylaws are amended to strike the entire sentence. The motion is approved.

Daniel Smallwood, PCO 267 moved to amend the proposed Bylaws at Article 7, Section 1, paragraph c; Article 7, Section 1; and Article 8, Section 2c. To add: If a member chooses to become a candidate they must recuse themselves from all decisions and votes affecting their campaign and party spending as related to campaign contributions. The motion is approved.

The Bylaws as amended are adopted.

The Credentials Report was amended to add 2 PCOs.

Sandra LaCelle moved to recognize Jeremy McMahan for his contributions to the success of the Organization Meeting.

Nominating Committee Report

Report of Nominating Committee by Chair Alice Tawresey

Election of Executive Board

Election of Executive Board Officers

Chair – Juliana McMahan

Vice-Chair – Justin Weis

State Committeeman – Tyler Miller

State Committeewoman – Elizabeth Doll

Secretary – Alice Tawresey

Treasurer – Heather George

Election of at-large Executive Board Members Representative

Bainbridge School District – Jackie Chipman

Bremerton School District – Drake Evans

Central Kitsap School District – Matt Sands

North Kitsap School District – Jan Kelly

South Kitsap School – David Helland

Election of Legislative District Committees

23rd Legislative District

Chair – April Ferguson

Secretary – Ralph Adamson

Treasurer – David Lindquist

Members:          Doug Kitchens

Jim Oas

Rose Ellen Roberts

Brian Stengele

26th Legislative District Members

Maria Apodaca

Tim Matthes

Martha Mioni

35th Legislative District Members

Bill Bauer

Marcus Hoffman

Chuck DeCosta

 Other Business



The meeting was adjourned at 3:57 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alice Tawresey (PCO 304), Secretary