Get Involved

Get Involved - quote

Do you want to help make a difference?

There’s no end in sight to the people who want to take your rights, tell you what you can and cannot do with your own property, and trample on our State and Federal Constitutions. If not you, then who will stand up for your rights?

We believe #YouMatter, and we’re already standing in the gap. Are you up for joining us?

Whatever your skills or abilities, we surely have a place for you! Do you like doing things behind the scenes? We need help for office and administrative tasks — many of which can be done from home. Do you like getting out and meeting people? We need help with our parades, the Fair, canvasing, phone calling, emailing, stuffing envelopes, contacting our elected representatives, writing letters to the editor, and so many other things.

You probably even have an idea for something we should be doing, but don’t have anyone currently doing!

Everything helps, and helps us make a difference. It takes us all — we’d be excited to have you along!

Fill This Out To Get Involved!