Why #YouMatter?

What is #YouMatter?

It’s the foundation of everything we believe. It’s at the heart of every single one of your natural rights.

It’s the idea, maybe the greatest idea of all time, that you as an individual are important, and have rights that government or society at large can’t take, especially by mob vote.

Your rights matter.
Your dreams matter.
Your freedom matters.
Your liberty matters.
Your choices matter.

It’s at the heart of the idea that you are free to make your own choices, to pursue the kind of life you want, to pursue the kind of work, vocation and/or enterprise because you choose it for yourself, to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

You’re free to speak, to write, to believe as you wish. You’re free to defend yourself.

It underlies everything in our platform, the core of our beliefs.

You Matter.