KCRP Adopts Resolution on Matt Shea

KCRP Adopts Resolution on Matt Shea

Resolution Admonishing the Actions of the House Republican Leadership Under Minority Leader JT Wilcox and Expressing Support for Representative Matthew Shea

Adopted 01/06/2020

Whereas, Amendments V and XIV and of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 3 of the Washington State Constitution enshrine and guarantee the right and principle of Due Process of Law;

Whereas, Article 1, Section 10 of the Washington State Constitution guarantees that, “Justice in all cases shall be administered openly, and without unnecessary delay;”

Whereas, Representative Matthew Shea has been the subject and target of a highly biased and demonstrably inaccurate private investigation initiated by the Washington State House of Representatives at the behest of Democrat leadership;

Whereas, House Minority Leader, JT Wilcox, received an advanced copy of the investigation report and withheld it from both Rep. Shea as well as the entire Republican Leadership and Caucus;

Whereas, Minority Leader Wilcox announced the suspension of Rep. Shea from the Republican Caucus, his removal from all Committees, the relocation of his legislative office, and the severance of all administrative support for his office within minutes of the public release of the investigation report, and:

Whereas, the complete timeline concerning the public release of the report, Minority Leader Wilcox’s announcement, and follow-on media coverage and events raise the highest degree of scrutiny for the propriety and integrity of the Leader’s actions;

Therefore, be it Resolved by the Kitsap County Republican Party:

  • that all citizens, including Representative Matthew Shea, are to be afforded full rights of due process in any venue, legal or otherwise,
  • that the presumption of innocence must be given AND vigorously defended at all times,
  • that House Republican Leadership has denied Rep. Shea the right of due process and the right of open justice without unnecessary delay,
  • that the KCRP admonishes the actions of House Republican Leadership toward Rep. Shea and demand that he be restored in full to all privileges and rights enjoyed prior to the public release of the investigation report, and
  • that the KCRP calls upon all levels of Republican Leadership and the Washington State Republican Party to stand up for the rule of law and protection of individual rights, and to adopt similar resolutions in this matter.