KCRP Voting Guide - 2020 General Election

KCRP Voting Guide - 2020 General Election
KCRP Voting Guide – 2020 General Election
The Kitsap County Republican Party is dedicated to preserving a republican form of government which acknowledges individual persons have rights that are prior to and superior to all human legislation. We certify candidates as Republican if they understand that individual rights are not up for a vote.
We have identified those candidates running for office who agree with this core principle. We then judge candidates against our platform for possible endorsement. After research and interviews, the Kitsap County Republican Party recommends the following candidates as those we believe are deserving of your vote.
No one is telling you how to vote. We are sharing our research with you to help you make your best choice. The following candidates are Endorsed (*) or Recommended:


President/Vice President – Donald Trump/Michael Pence 
U.S. Representative Congressional District 6 – Elizabeth Kreiselmaier*
You may have heard that our friend Marty McClendon is a write-in candidate for the 10th Congressional District. Everyone in Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula are in the
6th Congressional District.
There are no write-in candidates in a race with a declared Republican.
Please vote
Elizabeth Kreiselmaier
for the 6th Congressional District of the United States.


Governor – Loren Culp*
Lt. Governor – Joshua Freed* (write-in)
This is an important race because with 2 Democrats splitting the vote,
the write-in candidacy of Joshua Freed needs a mere plurality to win.
Secretary of State – Kim Wyman*
State Treasurer – Duane Davidson*
State Auditor – Chris Leyba*
Attorney General – Matt Larkin*
Commissioner of Public Lands – Sue Keuhl Pederson*
Superintendent of Public Instruction – Maia Espinoza*
Supreme Court Position #03 – Dave Larson
Ballot Measure: R-90 Vote “REJECT“*
This will reverse the legislature’s graphic sex training bill.
23rd Legislative District
State Senator – Pam Madden Boyer*
Representative Pos. 1 – April Ferguson*
Representative Pos. 2 – Elaina Gonzales-Blanton*
26th Legislative District
Representative Pos. 1 – Jesse Young*
35th Legislative District
Representative Pos. 1 – Dan Griffey*
Representative Pos. 2 – Drew MacEwen*

Kitsap County

Commissioner District 1 (North Kitsap) – Scott Henden*
Commissioner District 2 (South Kitsap) – Oran Root*
Kitsap Superior Court Position 1 – Tina Robinson