Kitsap County Republicans Endorse Challenger Alisha Beeler over Incumbent

Kitsap County Republicans Endorse Challenger Alisha Beeler over Incumbent

Kitsap County Republicans Endorse Challenger Alisha Beeler over Incumbent

Port Orchard, Washington – March 9, 2020 – Kitsap County’s Republican Party has offered an early endorsement of Alisha Beeler’s campaign for the 26th Legislative District State Representative race following a censure by the county party of incumbent Michelle Caldier.

Beeler, the current Republican State Committeewoman for Kitsap County, has mounted a campaign to challenge Caldier’s policy inconsistencies and failure to effectively engage the citizens of the district.

The incumbent has voted for gun control measures, and against first amendment protections of religion, and speech, along with enshrining Obamacare in the State of Washington, to cite just a few of her many departures from the Kitsap County Republican Party Platform and the expectations of her disappointed constituency.

The fact that the incumbent receives nearly all of her campaign financing and political support from outside of the district diminishes the ability of her constituents to effect policy. One constituent was even humiliated when a guard was called, simply because the constituent was from Kitsap County.

The incumbent has treated those around her horribly, has flown into rages over the slightest perceived slight, actually assaulted fellow Republican PCOs, and attempted to derail their biennial organizing meeting in retaliation for having the KCRP endorsement of her candidacy withdrawn. She later attempted to use the power of her office to have a Republican, whom she incorrectly thought had opposed her, fired from that person’s place of employment. The incumbent is not a republican, not beholden to her district, and not a nice person.

Alisha Beeler, by contrast, fights for the rights of all individuals, is a native of the area, and is a credentialed and accomplished person with a professional demeanor. She is a nice person, as well.

The endorsement came amid Beeler’s vocal opposition to a comprehensive sexual education bill, which would make sexual pleasure education mandatory curriculum, replete with R-rated pornography and role-playing, for students K through 12. Beeler sides with state Republican leadership in opposition to such curriculum, drawing a stark contrast to Caldier’s stance of supporting the curriculum for all but kindergarteners, as noted in her February 25th interview with KIRO news.

The Kitsap County Republican Party is grateful to Alisha Beeler for giving the constituents of the 26th Legislative District a real choice and a real voice in the upcoming election.

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