Reject Referendum 88

Reject Referendum 88

I-1000 was approved on April 28, 2019 by the Washington State Legislature, passing by votes along party lines with Democrats approving I-1000 and Republicans rejecting I-1000 as biased legislation that would foster preferential treatment to selected individuals.

I-1000 was designed to change the definitions of affirmative action and preferential treatment.  It allows for change in the way affirmative action laws and policies are implemented.  It will allow discrimination, based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin as long as it is not the sole factor in the selection.  As long as one discriminating characteristic is not the sole reason for affirmative action/preferential treatment, the State will be empowered to discriminate against any group it chooses, including Veterans, minorities (like high achieving Asians) and allow lesser qualified candidates to fill positions being considered.  One item is NEVER the sole factor in selection of an individual.   Under the new definitions the State will be allowed to discriminate against anyone it does not like, agree with, or may not be aligned politically with those in power.

In 1998 voters passed I-200 banning discrimination/preferential treatment based on race, national origin, sex, color, or ethnicity, thus controlling the state’s use of affirmative action.  Voting NO on R88 will not eliminate requirements that I-200 put in place.  It does not end outreach programs.  It does not end programs based on helping people economically challenged or low income.  I-200 will continue to ban those regulations that use gender or race to select less qualified applicants over those more credible for public jobs, contracts or admission to state colleges and universities.

Referendum 88 was designed to require a vote on I-1000; meaning a yes vote on R-88 approves I-1000 and a no vote on R-88 rejects I-1000.

Governors Jay Inlsee, Christine Gregoire, Gary Locke, and Dan Evans support the legislation.  ACLU, Washington State Labor Council, Washington State Democratic Central Committee, Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion, Washington State Civil Right Coalition, are among the organizations who want you to vote for R-88

Tim Eyman, Ward Connerly, and John Carlson (in favor of I-200), Washington State Republican Party, Washington Asians for Equity and Let People Vote are among the people and organizations that support voting against R88.

R-88 information was researched and compiled by Chuck DeCosta and Barb Schultz