Resolution on the Opposition to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and Support of the Repeal of RCW 29A.56.300 - Adopted September 9, 2019

Whereas the Platform of the Republican National Committee (RNC) includes a declaration of opposition to, and urges the repeal of, all state legislation that attempts to implement the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC);

Whereas the framers of the Federal Constitution rigorously sought an effective compromise in the selection of the Chief Executive that preserved both republican principles of government AND the inherent Sovereignty of the States;

Whereas the method of Presidential election as outlined in Article II, Section 1 and the 12th Amendment reflect the time-tested and resilient intent of the framers of the Constitution;

Whereas any attempt to alter the Electoral College requires the Constitutional process of Amendment as outlined in Article V of the Constitution;

Whereas the NPVIC seeks to bypass the Amendment process in order to subvert the Electoral College;

Whereas the NPVIC poses a direct threat to our Federal System and State Sovereignty; and

Whereas the adoption of Chapter 29A.56.300 of the Revised Code of Washington in 2009 entered the State into the NPVIC, thus representing a direct threat to the Sovereignty of Washington State; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Kitsap County Republican Party (KCRP):

1. declares its complete and total opposition to the NPVIC and/or any scheme designed to alter the Constitutional process of the Electoral College outside of the processes outlined under Article V of the Federal Constitution;

2. urges and supports all efforts to immediately repeal Chapter 29A.56.300 of the Revised Code of Washington;

3. supports the repeal of Senate Bill 5074 of the 2019 legislative session;

4. urges the substantive incorporation of this resolution into the KCRP Platform;

5. urges the adoption of this or similar resolutions in every County in Washington State and its substantive incorporation into each County Platform;

6. urges the adoption of this resolution by the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) and its substantive incorporation into the WSRP Platform; and

7. requires the support of this resolution by all candidates for public office who desire the endorsement of the KCRP.