Trump Gets It Done!

Trump Gets It Done!

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Many of us supported other candidates in the primary election for the Republican Nominee for President in 2016. Rand and Ted were a couple of favorites, while Carly and Ben gathered a lot of support. We have many early supporters of President Donald Trump working hard in the KCRP, and we are glad to have them, but some of us wondered what a Donald Trump Presidency would be like.

Well, the Donald has pleasantly surprised Constitutionalists and Conservatives with the sheer volume of his accomplishments. From ending the ridiculous fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to refusing to sign the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, our President has already done more for liberty in America than most Presidents.

President Trump has not rested on his laurels. Some would have been satisfied with the placing of Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, but our President has had many other amazing successes. Follow this link to see some of them.

While Constitutional Conservatives have not seen everything on their wish-list yet, it is time for us Trump nay-sayers to eat a little crow, and admit that he has been a very good President.

The Kitsap County Republican Party invites those early Trump band-waggoneers to join us in the KCRP, even if it just to say “I told you so”.

To see an even bigger list of accomplishments look here