What The Tax Cuts Bill Means For Your Pocketbook

What The Tax Cuts Bill Means For Your Pocketbook

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The hysteria from the left is palpable concerning the cuts in tax rates passed by Republicans in Washington. To those of us who have lamented Republican inaction, this is a welcomed example of finally doing something they were sent there to do.

Though everyone knows that government wastes money, and that more money left to those who earned it and spent on the products made by others or invested in American business is great for the economy and raises the standard of living for everyone, the left continues their timeworn mantra about tax-cuts for the rich.

Of course, the Democrats believe ALL of your money is theirs, and any time you are left with some they call it a cost. The tax cuts, according to them, costs money. They say this despite the fact that not one of them can demonstrate a single time in the history of any nation that a government received less revenue after a tax cut. Revenues always rise after a tax cut because the economy booms and more people pay taxes, and more taxable activity occurs. Its not that the Democrats don’t know this, they do. They just see it as interfering with their ideal of an obedient society where government makes your choices for you.

To see what the recent tax cuts mean to your bottom line, and to put the lie to the mantra of the Democrat demagogues, just check out this site: http://taxplancalculator.com/calc