Why Every Vote Matters--Why You Should Vote

Why Every Vote Matters--Why You Should Vote

Over and over again I have heard voters ask why they should bother turning in their ballot. They think their vote doesn’t count. They don’t believe every vote matters.

Below are some modern-day examples from our area of why your vote does matter. Why every vote counts. Why you should always turn in your ballot. These are examples of races where the vote count was very close. All of these elections could have gone the other direction if just ONE more person from each precinct had turned in their ballot or failed to turn in their ballot.

1 vote: 26th LD Representative primary race between Ed Mitchell and Kevin Entze (2002)

5 votes: Port Orchard Mayor race between Tim Matthes and Lary Coppola (2011)

47 votes: 25th LD Representative race between Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell (2010)

76 votes: 17th LD Senate race between Don Benton and Tim Probst (2012)

108 votes: 26th LD Senate race between Marty McClendon and Emily Randall (2014)

Please do not let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t matter! You never know when it might be the difference between victory and defeat for your preferred candidate!